How to enjoy hot springs in Japan

Hot Springs in Japan are called “onsen”. It literally means hot springs,  as “on” means warm and “sen” means springs. Because Japanese archipelago forms a part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, where volcanos are active, chances are you find hot springs everywhere you go in Japan. Yes, even monkeys enjoy natural hot springs. (Those are not the ones humans go in by the way.) There are total of 54,804 hot springs in Japan and all 47 prefectures have hot springs. I strongly recommend you try getting in one of them, because it is refreshing and also is a good chance to experience the local culture. There are a few tips [...]

Why is Japan clean?

I grew up in Japan, so I never felt Japan was particularly clean. I didn’t know any other places to compare with. Now that I’ve been to dozens of other countries, I can say Japan is a relatively clean country. It stands out in terms of cleanliness. Of course, not every place in Japan is immaculately clean. But I feel it’s safe to say that most of public places are generally kept tidy and dust free. So, what makes Japan this clean? Yes, Japanese people bathe everyday. We like to keep ourselves clean and odor free. But is that the only reason? I don’t think so. I think education plays [...]

Real Escape games in Tokyo – Tokyo Mystery Circus

Do you like solving puzzles? Do you also like adventure? Then, try real escape games in Japan! If  you’ve never heard of escape rooms, it is basically a room full of puzzles and riddles. You will be locked in that room. You will collaborate with your roommates to decipher, break and penetrate the code and get out of the room within the time limit. Sounds exciting? Then, head to Tokyo Mystery Circus in Shinjuku, Tokyo. They have English based escape rooms including “Escape from the Prison” and “Spellbound Supper”. They also have a room where you become a spy agent and try to infiltrate enemy’s base. I’ve been to English [...]

Kyoto International Manga Museum – Portrait Corner

Are you a big fan of Japanese comic books, manga? Then, Kyoto International Manga Museum is a must stop for you during your trip to Japan. Tens of thousands of manga books welcome you in the museum. Most of them are in Japanese, but you’ll still enjoy browsing through them if you are a big manga fan. For those who are not a “big” fan, I recommend you try the portrait corner. They will draw a manga portrait of you like this one. Since this corner has become popular among tourists, be there before 11am when they start taking registrations. The museum is open from 10am to 6pm and it’s [...]

How to get advance tickets for Ghibli Museum

Planning to go to Ghibli Museum  in Tokyo during your visit to Japan? Then, getting advance tickets is not a matter of choice. You MUST get advance tickets if you don’t want to miss a visit to Ghibli Museum. First thing first. Ghibli Museum showcases  the work of the Studio Ghibli, the animation film studio, which is famous for animation movies including the Oscar winning “Spirited Away(2001)”, “My Neighbor Totoro(1988)” and “Castle in the Sky(1986)”. At the museum, you get to see not only the original drawings of director, Hayao Miyazaki, but a short film that is only available in a theater in this museum. Children can play in Nekobasu [...]

Best season to visit Japan

When is the best season to visit Japan? Some say it’s in spring when cherry blossoms are at its peak. Others say it’s in autumn because it’s foliage season. If you don’t like hot weather, avoid July and August. If you like hot weather, but not the cold, then February won’t be the best month for you to visit Japan. That being said, guests enjoy travelling Japan any time of the year. Each season has something to offer. Air conditioning is available anywhere you go in summer and you can enjoy shaved ice with syrup called “Kakigori”. Skiing in Hokkaido or Tohoku, Hokuriku area is something you can’t miss in winter. [...]