About Me

Tomoko PhotoHi,

My name is Tomoko Okochi. I was an interpreter and  a certified guide in Japan.
That is the short description of me you’ve probably read on “About this site” widget on my blog.
The truth is I am not only a guide.

I’ve taught guiding and English at universities. I was an instructor at an interpreter training institution. I’m also certified as a translator in Canada.
But, above all things, I love technology and I code. I build web and mobile apps. I love to create new things and that’s what I do now.

But that doesn’t mean I quit loving Japan.

That’s why I created this blog to keep in touch with what I love.
So, on this blog, I share interesting and useful information about Japan and traveling in Japan!

Other than that, I am a tea lover (I used to be a coffee addict. But on this one morning in 2010, I just couldn’t drink coffee for no reason. I haven’t had a single sip of coffee ever since), mom of two boys (can you stop climbing on every single elevated object, seriously!) and an ancient history fan. I am not good at cleaning up (oh well), but I like cooking and baking. My have-to-stop-this-habit is reading past midnight and regretting it the next morning.

If you find this website useful, don’t forget to join the Facebook group where you can get in touch with me and ask questions, exchange info and read more tidbits about Japanese sights, culture and upcoming events.

Thank you for spending your precious time on my site! I really appreciate it 🙂


I have another blog site for guides in Japan or who want to be a guide: Eigo de Nihon.