Hot Springs

Tattoos and Hot Springs (onsen) – tattoo-friendly hot springs in Japan and how to find them

Are there tattoo-friendly hot springs in Japan? How can you find out if they will let you in and how can you make sure you don’t miss out this unique experience of getting in hot springs while travelling in Japan? Why do they care if you have tattoos or not in the first place? Why tattoos are taboos in Hot Springs in Japan It has been a custom in Japan to prohibit people with tattoos to use public onsen, hot springs. That was because tattoos meant connection to Japanese mafia, Yakuza, for a long time. Tattooed skin indicated  that the person had pledged to be a member of a crime [...]

How to enjoy hot springs in Japan

Hot Springs in Japan are called “onsen”. It literally means hot springs,  as “on” means warm and “sen” means springs. Because Japanese archipelago forms a part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, where volcanos are active, chances are you find hot springs everywhere you go in Japan. Yes, even monkeys enjoy natural hot springs. (Those are not the ones humans go in by the way.) There are total of 54,804 hot springs in Japan and all 47 prefectures have hot springs. I strongly recommend you try getting in one of them, because it is refreshing and also is a good chance to experience the local culture. There are a few tips [...]