Real Escape games in Tokyo – Tokyo Mystery Circus

escape from the prison poster

Do you like solving puzzles?

Do you also like adventure?

Then, try real escape games in Japan!

If  you’ve never heard of escape rooms, it is basically a room full of puzzles and riddles. You will be locked in that room. You will collaborate with your roommates to decipher, break and penetrate the code and get out of the room within the time limit.

Sounds exciting?

Then, head to Tokyo Mystery Circus in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

They have English based escape rooms including “Escape from the Prison” and “Spellbound Supper”.

They also have a room where you become a spy agent and try to infiltrate enemy’s base.

I’ve been to English version of Escape from the Prison with my family.

OMG, it was super fun!

One cell is for two players, so I went in there with my 11-year-old. He was so thrilled to break out of the cell!
My husband and my another son who is 8 were in a cell next to ours. I could tell they were having a great time listening to their excited voices.

I can’t write the detail of what you do in the cell, because that will ruin the fun. But I can guarantee it is going to be one of the most memorable things you do in Tokyo.

Here is a link to the official page.



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