Edamame – health benefits of amazingly nutritious green soybeans

What is Edamame? Since Edamame has become popular appetizer in Japanese restaurant everywhere in the world over the past decade, I get asked questions like “What is edamame?” all the time. I love edamame and I cook it all the time, but I didn’t know enough to answer those questions before. It looks nutritious. It looks like beans. But what kind of beans are they? So, I studied a little and learned that edamame is an amazing food! Edamame is soybeans This is a fact that many Japanese don’t know either. They consider edamame as a name for the plant. But, no. They are soybeans. They are young green soybeans. [...]

Types of soy products in Japan – Tofu, Miso, Edamame and more

Soy products such as soy milk and tofu have become really popular in western countries. They are healthier substitution for meat products, since soybeans are great source of protein while being low fat and rich in minerals. There are a range of foods made from soybeans in Japan other than tofu. Vegetarian or not, Japan is a place to go to load yourself with soy products. 1. Tofu Tofu is soy bean curd. But what is bean curd anyway? Actually it is fixed soy milk. Soybeans are soaked in water to soften. Then, you grind and strain the soybeans to make soy milk. You add bettern (the solution after crystallization [...]