Best season to visit Japan

Cherry blossom in Japan

When is the best season to visit Japan?

Some say it’s in spring when cherry blossoms are at its peak.

Others say it’s in autumn because it’s foliage season.

If you don’t like hot weather, avoid July and August. If you like hot weather, but not the cold, then February won’t be the best month for you to visit Japan.

That being said, guests enjoy travelling Japan any time of the year. Each season has something to offer.

Air conditioning is available anywhere you go in summer and you can enjoy shaved ice with syrup called “Kakigori”.

Skiing in Hokkaido or Tohoku, Hokuriku area is something you can’t miss in winter.

Spring and autumn are nice temperature wise, but there are many other tourists, too. Also, keep in mind cherry blossoms won’t last long in Japan. Because of sudden rise of temperature, normally the full bloom period ends in a week or so. If you miss the cherry blossoms, head north. Chances are you catch up with the cherry blossoms. The autumn foliage lasts longer, but you might want to visit countryside to enjoy it fully.

Do you still want me to pick a season or two? If it’s your very first time visiting and your main purpose is sightseeing, I’d say safer choice would be spring or autumn. But again, it all depends on what you want to do in Japan.

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